We are a Colombian Company focused on producing and selling high quality cocoa derivates with unique flavors. We are committed to sustainable development of agro-industry through the satisfaction of our customers.

Colcoa was born in an effort to promote and preserve the cocoa tradition of our country, offering an experience of unforgetable flavors and textures.


Characterized with fine flavors and aromas, our cocoas are of 100% Colombian origin.

Due to the excellence and perfectionism with which we work throughout our entire supply chain; having crops as a first instance through the selection of the finest cocoa beans available and the transformation process, we create a unique product.

Our cocoa is grown under strict international quality standards and come from regions in Colombia which are well known for producing top quality beans.


We firmly believe in the importance of supporting our farmers and contributing for improvements on their crops and life quality. As one of our primary goals, we achieve this by stablishing fair trade and mutual help policies.

The interactions stablished by COLCOA with farmers go beyond a simple company-suppliers relationship, and it’s our commitment to preserve traditional agricultural practices that keep us working together as a single family which concludes in a better quality product.



We offer a fine and aromatic cocoa with very strict selection and fermentation processes, which allow us to give our customers the best quality product. In addition to that we have a selection from different regions of Colombia which allows us to provide sensory profiles for every taste and need.

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