Cocoa beans

As a result of a careful research and our passion for chocolate and love for the countryside, Colcoa presents Theomonte. A line of specialty products for chocolate professionals, made with the selection of the best varieties of cocoa that provides the vast Colombian nature


The authenticity of our couverture is derived from the high quality of all the ingredients used in our preparations as well as the originality of our recipes.

Presentation: All our couvertures come in tablets of 100 gr, 500 gr and 1 kilo packed in boxes according to customer convenience.

Cocoa liquor

We have outlined the varieties chosen for the realization of our cocoa liquor according to the unique characteristics of flavor and aroma that gives the plantations of each of the regions we work with.

Licor de cacao variedad Arauca de COLCOA


Located north of the Colombian Orinoco, this region borders with Venezuela and consists mostly of plains. Its fertile lands allow seeding own tropical crops such as cocoa, of course, in addition to bananas, cassava, rice, maize and fruit trees.

This single-origin cacao is characterized by a mean citrus acidity, with notes of fruity and nutty flavor. Its complex and exotic flavor with caramel notes, give a special bittersweet.

Licor de cacao variedad Tumaco de COLCOA


This township is located south west of Colombia, on the Pacific Ocean near the equator. Because of its great water richness, the presence of flat slopes and moderate temperature is ideal for the cultivation of cacao and banana, predominant fruit flavor that can be found in the cocoa liquor obtained from this region.

The low acidity, intense cocoa flavor and sweet and fruity notes, make this a special selection for chocolates with high cocoa percentages and fruit fillings.

Licor de cacao variedad Santander de COLCOA


Located in the north east of the country in the Andean region. Presents heights ranging from 800 to 1200 meters above sea level, with a moderate warm climate. It is a place that stands out for its agricultural activity which highlight the cacao, sugar cane, citrus fruit, mangoes and avocados.

The region of Santander, as the cocoa business center of the country, offers a wide variety of flavors in its beans that stand out the diversity and richness of our country. We found a strong cocoa flavor with a slight acidity, strong notes of roasted nuts and timber at the end.

Licor de cacao variedad Sierra Nevada de COLCOA

Sierra Nevada

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North of Colombia, on the Caribbean area, the highest range of mountains stands. At the base of the hills and peaks, you can find stunning wild cocoa trees.

Cultivated by the Arhuacos’ community of the indigenous guard of Businchama under a 100% handmade process. It is a sign of cultural expressions and traditions that gives us a cocoa liquor with a slightly nutty, fruity notes and dominant chocolate flavor.